About Dr. Subhasish Das..
  • Graduation M.B.B.S in 1982 from Burdwan Medical College, W.B.
  • Housestuffship in 1984 at Sitapur Eye hospital, U.P.
  • Post Graduation M.S. in Ophthalmology in 1986 from State Institute of Ophthalmology, Allahabad, U.P.
  • Observationship in 2004 under Dr. Howard Fine, Eugene, Oregon, USA
  • Started practising Ophthalmology in 1984 with old method of Cataract operation.
  • Started doing Microsurgery in 1990. Done more than 10,000 operations.
  • Started Phaco operation in 1999. Started latest & modern technique of Phaco operation in 2001 (no pad no injection walk in-walk out cataract surgery).
  • Done more than 18,000 Phaco operations.
Worked as visiting surgeon at
  • The Calcutta Medical Research Institute - 7 years
  • Kothari Medical Centre - 3 years
  • Calcutta Gujarati Hospital - 5 years
  • R.K.M. Pratisthan - 6 months
  • J.N. Roy Hospital - 15 years
  • Silverline Eye Hospital - 1 year
  • Anandalok Hospital - 12 years
  • AMRI Hospital, Salt Lake - 3 years
  • BSF Frontier Hospital - 11 years
Presently working as Senior Consultant Ophthalmologist at
Columbia-Asia Hospital, Salt Lake
দিব্য আলোক যেন
হেরি এ নয়নে।
কোথা ছিলো এতো রঙ
ভাবিতেছি মনে ll ১

অন্ধসম ছিনু আমি
এতকাল হায়।
আলোহীন রংহীন
মলিনের প্রায় ll ২

যাদুকর সম যেন
চোখের পলকে।
হেরিনু সুন্দর ধরা
অপূর্ব আলোকে ll ৩

নতুন নয়নে হেরি
ক্ষুদ্র গৃহ মোর।
পুলকিত চিত্ত হোলো
আনন্দে বিভোর ll ৪

যাঁহার কৃপায় এতো
আনন্দ উচ্ছ্বাস।
ফেকো বিশারদ তিনি
শুভাশীষ দাস ll ৫

অতিশয় দক্ষ তিনি
ফেকো সার্জারিতে।
দৃষ্টিহীন দৃষ্টি পায়
তাঁর চিকিৎসাতে ll ৬

প্রাণভরা কৃতজ্ঞতা
জানাই তাঁহারে।
আরো যশ আরো খ্যাতি
লভুন সংসারে ll ৭

দীর্ঘজীবি হোন তিনি
এই বিশ্বমাঝে।
বিধাতা করুন কৃপা
তাঁকে সর্বকাজে ll ৮

রচয়িতা : চিত্তরঞ্জন চৌধুরী
২৭/২৫ রাজা রামমোহন রায় রোড
কোলকাতা - ৭০০০০৮
ফোন ২৪০৬ - ৮২১৩
ইং ১০.০১.২০০৫

Latest & modern technique of walk in - walk out cataract surgery

Phaco operation can be done at any stage of cataract. You can undergo phaco operation whenever it starts hampering your day to day activities. In phaco surgery, it is better to get operated at early stage of cataract, because at this stage the cataract is soft and it emulsifies very easily with little ultrasonic energy, which is beneficial for your eyes.

painless bloodless rapid recovery better vision

no injection no stitches no eye pad no restriction

no bandage no dark glasses no eye guard no dressing

In the Operation Theatre

In the operation theatre
  1. Do not worry. Phaco surgery is a painless and bloodless procedure and it takes only 7 minutes.
  2. No injection, stitches or bandage is given during surgery.
  3. You will be admitted in the morning. Take bath and light breakfast before admission. Continue all other medicines you are taking regularly for other ailments.
  4. You will walk in and walk out normally from the OT.
  5. Lie down on the table in supine position with chin up.
  6. We will place a thin perforated paper to cover your face, so that no germs can enter in the operating area from your nose or mouth. You can breathe normally and comfortably, preferably through open mouth during surgery.
  7. During operation, keep both the eyes wide open and stare at the focussing light. It eases the pressure on your eyes.
  8. If you experience any problem tell us immediately. Do not raise your hand or move your head, it may hamper your surgical procedure.
  9. During surgery, do not hold your breath, respire normally and try to get relaxed. A tensed patient makes the task difficult for the surgeon.
In the operation theatre

After Phaco Operation

Just after phaco operation
  1. You can go home a few hours after operation with open eyes. There will be no harm in the dust and pollution during your journey. You can climb stairs and can bend your head normally.
  2. No dark glasses, eye guard or dressing is needed. You can use your old glasses if you feel comfortable.
  3. You can eat or drink whatever you wish, sweet or sour everything can be taken. You can chew betel leaves, supari or any hard foodstuff.
  4. Take all other medicines you are taking regularly for other ailments. You can consult any doctor for other problems and undergo their treatment simultaneously.
  5. Any eye drop prescribed should be put 1 drop each time in the operated eye only after pulling down the lower eyelid and then keep eyes closed for 2 minutes.
  6. From the next day you can do everything normally, watching TV, reading newspaper, morning walk, doing exercises, shaving, taking head bath, doing some kitchen work, lifting heavy objects, lie down on any side. Nothing will go wrong if some water goes in your eyes during bath or if you have cough or sneeze.
  7. The other eye can be operated on the following day. Vision will be even better when both eyes are done. A glass will be prescribed later to have finer vision.
  8. For a few months following surgery, there may be slight watering, discomfort or gritty sensation. Do not worry. Splash plain water frequently in the open eye to keep it moist.
  9. For any problem or query, you can come on any day at our clinic without prior appointment. Do not ask for suggestion or assistance from your acquaintances. Call us at our helpline 9836035033 otherwise consult your local eye practitioner if you are unable to reach us.

চোখে যদি ছানি পড়ে, ভয় কি?
নির্ভয়ে থেক,
নিরাপদে করে নাও
‘সার্জারী ফেকো’ ll

নেই কোনো যন্ত্রনা, ইনজেকসন,
এর-ই নাম 'ফেকো ইমালসিফিকেশন'।
মাত্র মিনিট কুড়ি সময় লাগে,
তারপর চোখ খুলে পরিষ্কার দেখ ll

লাগে না চশমা-কালো, ড্রেসিং তুলো,
ক্ষতি নেই একেবারে যদি লাগে ধুলো,
পরদিন থেকে দেখ টিভি ও কাগজ,
বাজার-রান্না কর আরামেই রোজ,
জল ঢেলে স্নান কর, সাবান মেখ ll

অন্য রোগের জন্যে ওষুধ-ও খান,
কাজ কর, বাধা নেই কোনো কিছুতেই
এতোটা সুবিধে পাবে শুধু 'ফেকো'তেই

--মিল্টু ঘোষ ( গীতিকার )
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